Why Should You Trust Us?

At The Organic World, we are all about offering you the better choice. Our fruits and vegetables are sourced from 100% organic farms. We have put in a stringent Quality Control Process, which includes an exhaustive Not In Our Aisle List - a list of chemicals and ingredients that studies have shown are harmful for you - so we have banned them from The Organic World. Your pantry staples from atta, dal and chawal to oils and ghee are made with the goodness of traditional processes like cold-pressing and are chemical- and preservative-free. You won't find any trans fat or high fructose corn syrup here! Our homecare products don't contain toxins, chemicals or acids. Our skincare products are free of parabens and sulfates. We are a work in progress. But we have made a start. One product at a time. One choice at a time.

Certified By The Best

When you see a product carrying an organic certified logo, it means the brand is strictly following the highest organic standards right from the cultivation stage to the manufacturing and processing. There are over 40 government-recognised certifying bodies in India. Here's a brief explanation of some of the certifications that you may see across the products on our shelves.

You Won't Find These Harmful Chemicals With Us

Our Fruits And Vegetables Are Sourced From Organic Certified Farms

Stringent Quality Checks

Stringent Quality Checks

We follow a strict quality check process across all our product categories. We have created a Not In Our Aisle List - a list of chemicals that we have banned from The Organic World. This list has been created after extensive research and includes chemicals and ingredients like parabens, sulfates and trans fat - commonly found in conventional products - but not those at The Organic World. If a product does not conform to our list, you won't find it at The Organic World.

Fruits & Vegetables:
Our fruits and vegetables are sourced from organic certified farms that follow organic farming practices. And once we do receive them, we do an exhaustive quality check for freshness and quality.

Most of our produce reaches our shelves within 24 hours of harvest. What you get is fresh, seasonal and local produce!

Our trained team does a physical check with sufficient safety standards such as gloves, masks and head caps to make certain the product is genuinely fresh. A few examples of how we look to serve you better are checking that:

All Other Product Categories (Dairy, Kitchen Essentials, Homecare, Cookware, Personal Care and more!)

Every product is vetted against an exhaustive Not In Our Aisle List of chemicals and ingredients that we have banned.

You won't find products with ingredients and chemicals such as:

We work hard to ensure that every product you do find with us IS truly the better choice.

The Widest Range Of Organic And Natural Products - Under One Roof!

GMO-free fruits and vegetables, A2 Milk, a whole range of dairy products, everyday kitchen essentials - dal, atta, rice, cold-pressed oils, homecare products, gentle personal care products, snacks and more!

Chemical-free products

You won't find phthalates, sulfates or nitrates in any of our products. Our strict banned-chemicals list ensures they (and several others) are off our shelves. Permanently.

Organic products

We have the widest selection of curated organic products to choose from - from fruits and vegetables to dal, atta and rice.

Natural products

If we can't get a product that is certified organic, we make an effort to get the next best alternative: a chemical-free variant made with natural ingredients, with no compromise on our list of banned chemicals.

Traditionally made

We prioritize processes like bilona or handchurned ghee, cold pressed oils as well as hand pounded grains over conventional mechanized processes to get products that are nutritionally richer and better for you.

We Work With Partners And Brands Who Share Our Vision

Quality Comes At A Price. Here's Why

So Just How Do You Make That Better Choice?

We want to bring back the essence of wholesome living

In this journey, awareness is your biggest ally. Be aware of what you eat and use. Read the labels and ask us questions about what goes into the making of the product. Challenge us as we work to give you better choices. Understand the compromise you make when you choose a product that is not a better choice. How that choice affects you and your family. We are here to support those better choices; to empower you to make them. We understand what it takes to create that better tomorrow. Let's embark on that journey together.

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