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Product Highlights

Sourced from certified organic farms, these big brinjals are grown in adherence with organic farming methods. These brinjals are free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Through our farm to store policy, we try to ensure that the big brinjals reach our stores, within 24 hours of harvesting.

Commercially cultivated brinjals may contain residues of chemical pesticides such as chlorantraniliprole, diafenthiuron, thiamethoxam, spiromesifen and cypermethrin as per studies. Studies have suggested that these chemicals may lead to health issues like shortness of breath, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, nervous system and immune system related problems.

Appearance: Big brinjals are dark purple coloured, bottle shaped, medium sized vegetables that contain pale white flesh with tiny white seeds. They have a mildly sweet and nutty flavour. These brinjals are 100% organically grown, without using any artificial methods of farming. Because of this, they may vary in shape, size and colour. There might be slight colour variation due to the heat.

Shelf Life:

Under room temperature, big brinjals may last for 3-5 days

They last for about 7-10 days when refrigerated

Country of origin: India

Brand Name: Organic

Product Specifications

  • Rich source of Vitamin B6 and C
  • Rich in copper, potassium, manganese and copper
  • Rich in dietary fibre
  • Good source of antioxidants

All our fruits and vegetables are sourced from certified organic farms. This ensures a better quality product; however, they might not look uniform or could have marks on the outside. In addition, our sourcing is based on seasonality, which means that certain fruits and vegetables might not be available all year long. The information regarding ingredients is only to allow you to make an informed choice – dietary and allergy related information should be cross checked either with a doctor or dietician. Please note that fresh fruits and vegetables will be billed basis the actual weight at the time of the order getting processed. Should the actual weight be more than 10% more than the requested weight, please note you will be charged only for the 10% excess weight.


Even though the flavour profile remains similar, there is a lot of difference in their textures..

Yes you can roast big brinjals in a microwave. you can also give them a slight smoky effect and prepare dips, sauces and gravies using the flesh..

We do not use any artificial chemicals to enhance the looks of our brinjals, so our brinjals may not be very pretty to look at. however, they are very high in nutrition..

Yes, these big brinjals are 100% free from pesticides..

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