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Jaggery Lump

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New Arrival

Jaggery Lump

0 ratings

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Product Highlights

Enjoy the wholesome goodness of Wellbe Jaggery as a natural sweetener, every day. This jaggery is made from organically grown, farm fresh sugarcane from Maharashtra and Karnataka. Conventional sugar is refined and thus, deprived of nutrients. Wellbe Jaggery Lump is unrefined and thus, a healthier substitute. It is highly nutritious and does not contain any added colour or preservatives. It is completely unadulterated.

Research shows that in some cases, conventionally sourced jaggery is commonly adulterated with chalk powder and artificial colours such as metanil yellow. Chalk powder can cause stomach problems while metanil can have a long lasting effect on vital organs.

Ingredients: Organic Jaggery

Appearance: Jaggery is brown or even dark brown in colour. Wellbe Jaggery varies in colour and texture, since it is sourced using organic methods. No preservatives or additives are added to enhance taste or appearance.

Made without: Chalk powder, artificial colour

Weight: 900gm

How to store: Store in dry and cool conditions

Shelf Life:9 months

Country of origin: India

Brand Name: Wellbe

Manufacturer Name and Address: Sowparnika Retail Pvt. Ltd., 58,15th Cross 2nd Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka,India.

About the Brand: Wellbe aims at creating and offering healthier choices for the discerning Indian families. Our extensive range of ethically sourced, chemical free, nutritious and delicious food products include flours, rice varieties, spices, oils, salts, natural sweeteners and pulses. Each product is sourced from 100% certified organic farms, where sustainable farming methods are practiced every day. Our products reach our stores only after several rigorous quality checks, including physical verification and chemical quality testing and we ensure that every safety parameter is met. When you choose to buy from Wellbe’s range, you are choosing not only better health for your family, but also helping impact the environment and community in a positive manner.

Product Specifications

  • Good source of sucrose, fructose, and glucose
  • Rich in iron and minerals
  • Contains vitamins
Allergy Note
  • Allergic reaction to jaggery can cause cold, cough, headaches, vomiting, and nausea. Please consult your physician before adding in your diet.

The information provided is only to allow you to make an informed choice - dietary and allergy related information should be cross checked either with a doctor or dietician. We are not liable for any allergy or lactose intolerance related issues.


Brown sugar is made by adding molasses to refined sugar whereas jaggery is made without separating the molasses and it is totally unrefined..

Wellbe Jaggery Lump can be used in a lot of sweet dishes such as kheer and halwa..

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