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Knol Khol

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  • No Chemicals

  • No Preservatives

  • No Additives

  • No Artificial Flavorings

Product Highlights

Sourced from 100% certified organic farms, these knol khols are grown without chemical pesticides, fertilizers or non-GMO seeds. We are continuously trying to ensure that the knol khols reach our stores, within 24 hours of harvesting.

Commercially grown knol khols may be exposed to chemicals such as endosulfan and diazinon, spinosad, tebufenozide, chlorpyrifos, permethrin and cypermethrin as studies show. . Studies suggest that these chemicals may cause problems such as watery eyes, runny nose, loss of appetite, coughing, diarrhoea, stomach pain, itching, loss of bladder control, incoordination and seizure.

Appearance: Knol khols are light green coloured firm bulbs with a swiftly tapering end. It has a texture similar to broccoli stems and flavour is sweet and peppery. Since these are 100% organic and grown without using any artificial methods of farming, they may vary in shape, size and colour. There might be slight colour variation due to the heat.

Shelf Life:

Under room temperature, knol khols last for a week

Refrigerated knol khols with leaves can last for 2-4 weeks

Without leaves, these knol kohls can be refrigerated for about 2 months

Country of origin: India

Brand Name: Organic

Product Specifications

  • Rich source of Vitamin C, B6 and folate
  • Contains protein and fiber
  • Rich in potassium, manganese and magnesium

All our fruits and vegetables are sourced from certified organic farms. This ensures a better quality product; however, they might not look uniform or could have marks on the outside. In addition, our sourcing is based on seasonality, which means that certain fruits and vegetables might not be available all year long. The information regarding ingredients is only to allow you to make an informed choice – dietary and allergy related information should be cross checked either with a doctor or dietician. Please note that fresh fruits and vegetables will be billed basis the actual weight at the time of the order getting processed. Should the actual weight be more than 10% more than the requested weight, please note you will be charged only for the 10% excess weight.

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